2016-17 Classrooms

**Certain names of staff are highlighted and underlined, indicating links which you can click on to access their personal blogs/websites

Enrolling Teachers/Classrooms

Teacher Sites 



Email address

Mr. S. Stefanek 6/7 103 Scott.Stefanek@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. J. Taylor
Mr. G. Giguerre
6/7 105 Jennifer.Taylor2@sd41.bc.ca
Mr. A. Beattie 5/6 FI 104 Aaron.Beattie@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. C. Coletta 4/5 107 Christina.Coletta@sd41.bc.ca
Mme. S. Brunet 4/5 FI 101 Suzanne.Brunet@sd41.bc.ca
Mrs. L. Henderson
Mrs. N. Gaster
4/5 106 Laura.Henderson@sd41.bc.ca
Mrs. G. Minopetra 3/4 111 Georgia.Minopetra@sd41.bc.ca
Mrs. P. Murevesi 2/3 112 Patricia.Murevesi@sd41.bc.ca
Mme. K. Cobleigh 3 FI 108 Kaitlin.Cobleigh@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. S. Njegovan
Mrs. L. Zebrowski
1 / 2 114 Sandra.Njegovan@sd41.bc.ca
Mme. B. Slobodnick 2 FI 110 Brenda.Slobodnick@sd41.bc.ca
Mme. K. Dubois 1 FI 115 Karine.Dubois@sd41.bc.ca
Mrs. M. Proctor
Mrs. J. Capitano
K 117 Mhari.Proctor@sd41.bc.ca
Mme. S. Parks K FI 116 Stephanie.Parks@sd41.bc.ca

Non-Enrolling Staff

Mr. K. Gurney Principal Kurt.Gurney@sd41.bc.ca
Mrs. J. Taylor Head Teacher Jennifer.Taylor2@sd41.bc.ca
Mrs. I. Thomson Secretary Ilona.Thomson@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. A. Mead Librarian Aliana.Mead@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. A. Yee Librarian Allyson.Yee@sd41.bc.ca
Mrs. R. Garcea Office Support Rosanne.Garcea@sd41.bc.ca
Mrs. M. Kavouras ELL Teacher Marianne.Kavouras@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. A. Svetic LSS Teacher Andrea.Svetic@sd41.bc.ca
Mrs. N. Neall LSS Teacher Nicole.Neall@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. J. Nicholson Music Teacher Jessica.Nicholson@sd41.bc.ca
Mr. P. Wenzek Band Teacher Peter.Wenzek@sd41.bc.ca
Mrs. C. Boudreau EA Christine.Boudreau@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. J. Appleby EA Jara.Appleby@sd41.bc.ca
Mr. M. Coulson EA Matthew.Coulson@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. M. Melo EA Maria.Melo@sd41.bc.ca
Mr. J. Tejero EA James.Tejero@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. C. Dann Counsellor Cristina.Dann@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. G. Grevstad SLP Gillian.Grevstad@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. R. Paraninfi Lunch Supervisor Rose.Paraninfi@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. M. Martinez Lunch Supervisor Michele.Martinez@sd41.bc.ca
Mr. K. Renfrow Custodian Keith.Renfrow@sd41.bc.ca
Ms. M. Goluze Custodian (p.m.) Milenka.Goluze@sd41.bc.ca